Wednesday, October 8, 2008

garage sales, a green chair, and a glue gun

I LOVE garage sales! I have found some of my very favorite things in my house at garage sales!!
Last September I found this beauty...Before
It was only $10.00 and it only took me one night and a glue gun to turn it into this...

Bob is never as excited as I am about my garage sale treasures...

this day I had bought quite a bit of was all packed in the back of the mini... we looked a little like sanford and son....he left to go to a football game that evening and when he returned I had recovered the whole chair with a hot glue gun!!! The whole project probably cost about $15.00 and I love it! It is not perfect at all...but it sits in the entry way and nobody ever sits in it doesn't really have to be!
I actually got the idea to do this off another blog and thought it was a great idea!
You can seriously do anything with a hot glue gun!

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lori said...


You should seriously have your own show. That is incredible.