Monday, December 29, 2008

more handmade Christmas

Here are a few of the gifts that I made this year! It was really fun and might become a family tradition! I just might have to start in June next year! I was cutting it a little close this year!
This is the boy's bachelor pad! They both love playing with the houses when we go to toy stores so I thought it would be fun to make them a little man house instead of a doll house...the bed room looks really similar to theirs, there are posters on the walls in the great room of things they are interested in right now...Herbie, Barney, Thomas.... there are two little floor pillows with their monograms on the just like the over sized floor pillows in our play room, there are two flat screen tv's on the walls one in the great room and one in the little room on the bottom right where there is also a hot tub and a basketball goal on the wall...Don't look to close because this one isn't all the way done yet....I will post more later when it is completely finished! This is a family matching game that I made for the boys!
My mom and sister got reusable grocery bags that I painted for each of them with little scarves and kitchen towels that I made for them too....

This is the finished house/fort thingy that I made for the boys! You slide it over a card table...this is the gas station side...the pumps come off and the boys had lots of fun gassing up their cars and big wheels!
The Market side...all of the food is attached by velcro so they can go shopping!
The house side....each side has something that is personalized for the boys...lots of the details are either their birthdays or special numbers, initial....
My two little twin nephews have a Safari themed play room so I painted this for them!


Amy said...

Your amazing and so incredibly talented. I love the matching game, what a cute idea!

Jan said...

Your Mom used to tease that you were my kid and Amanda was hers...but you have more talent in your pinkie than I do in my whole body. Wow!!! You do a magnificent job, Laura!!!

We love Millie said...

Laura I am so impressed! I love looking at your creative mind at work.
love ya

Molly said...

LAURA! Oh my goodness! Thanks for the comment! I totally about died when we saw each other at Wal-Mart yesterday! What are the odds? Today I went to a funeral and actually looked for you! I am retarded!

I am freaking out at your talent! I love craftsy things like this! I am going to have to start stalking you! And, I am going to start stealing some of your ideas! Do you have a store or booth or just do this all online? I loved your pink ink stuff too!